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Welcome to Kelowna!

Are you new to the Central Okanagan, eager to learn more about your new community, get involved in fun activities, and meet new friends? Kelowna Newcomers Club is the place for you!

For more than half a century, Kelowna Newcomers Club (KNC) has helped newcomers to the Central Okanagan settle into their new city. From indoor and outdoor activities to special events, we offer something for everyone. Explore this site to find out how KNC can help you discover this sensational place!

  monthly MeetingS


KNC general monthly meetings are well attended with both current and new members. June is when we host our AGM, which proves to be both engaging and informative.

Before AGMs, members receive a package containing information on events taken place over the past 12 months, and what will be covered at the upcoming meeting.

Club Gives Newcomers a Chance to Meet and Discover the City

The Kelowna Daily Courier showcased the Kelowna Newcomers Club in the Feb 17, 2023 edition.  In the article, Tricia Anderson was interviewed on the features and benefits of being a KNC member. af13-11ed-8b04-0fc55133caf0.html

If you are new to the Central Okanagan and looking for a way to immerse yourself in this beautiful community, KNC is definitely a path to consider! 

KNC Activities:

For the Outdoorsy

  • Golf (men, ladies, mixed)
  • Gardening
  • Snowshoeing
  • Walking
  • Pub&Paddle
  • Hiking
  • Walking

For the Gourmet

  • Ladies lunch
  • Ladies potluck lunch
  • Dining in
  • Dining out

For the Artiste

  • Arts and Culture
  • Photography

For the Social Type

  • Five-pin bowling
  • Social bridge
  • Ladies book club
  • Book Club for All
  • Hockey Night in Kelowna
  • Ladies Coffee
  • Mens Coffee
  • Solos

For the Bon Vivant

  • Wine tasting
  • Wine-ing in
  • Beer tasting
  • Kelowna pub night
  • West side pub night

For the Curious

  • Tour Kelowna

For the Party Lover

  • Trivia-at-the-Pub Night

Special Events:

Curling Events (Jan, March)

Join us for a one-day curling fun event, open to experienced curlers or people who want to try curling for the first time. Curling will be followed by a lunch with your team!

Bowling Event (February)

Get ready to ‘strike up’ some fun! Offering 5 and 10 pin bowling to experienced bowlers or people who want to try it for the first time. Bowling followed by a social with food and refreshments!

Spring Fling Barbeque (May)

As the days become warmer, the Spring Fling Barbeque at a lakeside Kelowna Park is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, connect with KNC members

Lake Okanagan Cruise with Dinner (June)

Join us for an evening cruising around Lake Okanagan, enjoying good food, listening to cool vibes and partying lakeside with KNC friends!

Harvest Fall “Welcome Members” Barbeque (September)

Our Harvest Fall Barbeque will give us a chance to welcome our KNC members who are new or have just renewed their membership.

Halloween Party (October)

You are invited to a “spooktacular” Halloween party! Put on your most frightening costume and join us for a night of scary fun.

Christmas Party Dinner and Dance (December)

Our annual Christmas party is an evening of festive cheer, delicious food, great music and dancing. The perfect party to get you into the holiday spirit!

Wishing to connect with KNC members for events not mentioned?  Visit the Social Forum, a great way for members find others interested in similar activities outside those formally offered by KNC.  Members can join in a topic, or set up new topics, by clicking the Social Forum tab on the top banner of the of website.   Check it out!  

 Kelowna Newcomers Club  -  Founded in 1968

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