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KNC Policies

Risk and Liability Waiver

Participation in certain activities organized by the KNC may carry a risk of harm or injury. While the KNC endeavours to minimize risk and to communicate all safety precautions, members choosing to participate in such activities do so entirely at their own risk. Membership in the KNC requires acceptance of the following statement:

By accepting membership in the Kelowna Newcomers Club (KNC), you understand and agree to hold the KNC, its Executive and Members harmless for any injury or other grievance arising out of meetings, social events or group activities, whether held by or organized for the Members of the KNC.

 Personal Information

The KNC collects certain personal information, including your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, for the purposes of notifying you of club activities and special functions, and to maintain a roster of names and contact information that may be shared among KNC Members. The KNC may also provide to the Kelowna Newcomers Alumni (KNA) contact information for individuals who are completing their three-year KNC membership terms. The KNC does not sell, disseminate or otherwise disclose your name or other personal information to any other third parties or organizations. By accepting membership in the KNC, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described here.

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Digital Images

Photographs are sometimes taken at KNC-sanctioned functions or activities, and the images of KNC members may be captured in these photos. Such images may be used by the KNC on its website or in other forms of communications with Members. Photographs or videos that include KNC members may also be taken by third-party organizations hosting KNC functions or activities, and these images may be used by the organizations in their social media outreach or other forms of promotion. By accepting membership in the KNC, you understand that your image as a participant in KNC events may be captured, and you consent to the use and disclosure of the image for the purposes described here. Should you wish not to be photographed or to have your image published, it is your sole responsibility to remove yourself from the photo opportunity, and to inform the co-ordinator of the event of your wishes.

KNC Governing Documents

The various governing documents for the Kelowna Newcomers Club can be found through the following links:

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